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Dear Scientists,

As the BILTEK team, the 7th INTERNATIONAL BILTEK CONGRESS ON CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES will be organized and hosted by the BİLTEK platform and Ankara Municipality as an online and face-to-face meeting between May 26-27, 2023

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The aim of the symposium is to create an interactive environment that will enable scientists from different disciplines working in all branches of science to share their new studies and knowledge.

Researchers who want to participate in the symposium are kindly requested to send their abstracts via e-mail until May 12, 2023. Abstracts that have passed the referee evaluation will be published as an electronic paper book after the symposium.

We express that we will be very pleased to see you, esteemed researchers, in the symposium we will organize, and we present our respects.

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Organizing Committee

Keyboard and Mouse


SYMPOSIUM ANNOUNCEMENT DATE:              20.02.2023

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:                                          12 May 2023

PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT:                                   21 May 2023

SYMPOSIUM SESSIONS:                                                 26-27 May 2023

FULL TEXT SUBMISSION DEADLINE:                        5 June 2023

 (full text submission is not mandatory)

PROCEEINGS PUBLICATION DATE:                         12 June 2023

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